Today marks the end of summer. No more carefree days, no more sleeping in, and much less free time to record that podcast I'm trying to do (yes, im doing a podcast, more on that later). I wish things didnt have to end. There were a couple of things i was hoping to do before summer ended.
1: Go to Dave and Buster's. I WAS going to go, but plans got changed, and it got put aside. Also need someone to go with. Going by yourself kinda sucks.
2: Get to/ host an awsome party. Never got to go to the cast party from the summer theater camp (Vokl, you know about that)
3: Kick my sister's ass. I owe her a LOT of pain, but she's off to collage now, so I cant do anything about that. Lucky her.
4: GO TO ANTHROCON!!! SHIT BLEW UP AND I NEVER GOT TO GO!!! GAAAAA! Oh well, at least I actualy KNOW some people now, so I can meet up with some if they go to AC 10. It's not THAT far away. I bet people are already booking rooms for AC 10 XD!
5: Meet up with some furs RL. I can't really go to furmeets right now, but if things go according to plan, I possibly could meet some at RenFest this Labor day weekend...

I could keep going, but then nobody would read this. and YES Angelic Dirt, I DO take the time to read what you post. I just never have anything much to say ^..^; Anyway, I might be frequenting LJ a little MORE because Im surrounded by compys at school. People do all sorts of stuff when the teach's back is turned. I hardly think blogging is much worse than goofing off. Talk to you all soon! 


P.S.: Who wants to meet up at RenFest?!? ^^

Recent events!
Hey all! Quick update on how I'm doing:
First off, I would like to bring up how I was Rickroll'd at Harris Teeter's yesterday. I heard the song, and I started cracking up. That also happened in an AC elevator, I belive there's a breif vid on Youtube of it XD XD XD

Second, I'm sorry I haven't been posting much, i've just been a bit busy, and not blogging, so sorry for my erratic apearences

Third: I was just at Hershey park! Sooooooo much fun! I got a dragon scupture, pretty cool. I also brought along Lil' Xan, my small plushie tiger I got at the zoo. It was fun to have him on my sholder the entire day. =^..^= I tryed my dearest to win a giant white tiger plush or a giant pink husky, but I couldn't :'( Oh well. As a side note, I sugest to bring MORE than $35, I was left pennyless about 2 hours before I had to leave. And bring your own water too. Beverages are overpriced there.

Fourth: NEW PLUSHIES! I havn't told you guys about any of the new plushies I got, so I will now: I got a small tiger plush at the DC zoo, and I named him Lil' Xan X). I also got a medium sized husky, a small-ish cat, and a small lion plush at my church's annual turkey dinner. SO CUTE ^..^

Fith and Final: WHO'S GOING TO THE RENNISANCE FESTIVAL?!?!? I LOVE going, and I try to each year. If I could meet some fur friends there... that could be AWSOME!

Depressing news
Well all, I'm not going to AC this year. I lost my ID, and my family is not happy with that. No direct words have been said to the point of AC, but it's pretty clear that I'm not going. Oh well. There's always next year, right?

The thing is, I always feel as it everything around me is going to go downhill. I feel that if I don't grab things  while I can, I'll never get the opprotunity to again. I feel this way about the fandom, but I hear that we are still growing, right?
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Alright, this one will be overly long, so bear with me (no pun intended)

Think back to the days (if you are a gamer) to when the 2.5D FPS graphics were all the rage (you know, like in Doom 1 and 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Heritic/ Hexen).  Now we all know that the standard, low level enemies exist for 2 reasons: 1, so they can die (giving the game flavor) and 2, so that, in overwhelming numbers, they MIGHT get a hit on you. It's always been fun to run circles around them, punch them to death, chainsaw them, or reduce then to piles of gore with a rocket launcher. But I propose that someone should take that to the next level. Make completely owning these enemies FUN AS HELL. Here's how...
(I'm going to make a lot of Hexen referances, so if you've never played it, check it out, it's on steam)
Take your standard Etin (two-dog-headed humanoid enemy): Slow, stupid, melee attack, and easy to kill. In the first hexen (2.5D graphics) they had their one and only one death animation and sound. In Hexen 2 (polygonal graphics) The equivilant low-level ememy had muliple death anmiations and sounds, depending if you killed him a certain way (poison, ice, fire, normal...) Now you have that, plus ragdoll physics for killing another enemy. Here's what I propose: Give your player HUGE amounts of ways to kill an enemy. Let a well-placed slash cut off it's arm, and (if you wait long enough) the etin will bleed to death, screaming the entire way. Be able to grab enemies, and punch their face repeatedly, or throw them into another, or even use them a a battering ram. Throw them on the ground and step on their face. Drive them into a wall with a pike, and watch them try to get themselves down. Have realistic damage effects: hit their leg with a mace, and bones will crack, a spiked flail to the side of the head will leave holes, that sort of thing. The perfect game to do this in, would be a resurection of an old series, Hexen 3.

Hexen 1 and 2 (and Heritic before that) were colabs between ID and Raven Software (I'm pretty sure) and Hexen was one of the first hardcore FPS games I played (yes, I was about 5 at the time, but I didn't know what I was doing.), so I have a strong affinity with it. Take Doom, replace the sci-fi setting with a dark swords and sorcery setting, replace the forces of hell with the forces of darkness (ID was never known for their storylines) and the Cyberdemon with a serpent rider, and you essentialy get Hexen. In Hexen 1, there were 3 classes, each tailored for a different style of play: Warrior, Cleric and Wizard. The warrior was brutal, fast, and a killer at close combat. But he had  very few long range options untill you get farther along. . The Wizard was slower, more frail, and very bad a close-quarters, but had great ranged attacks. The Cleric was a jack-of-all-trades, and a mix between the warrior and wizard, with an affinity for area-attacks. Hexen 2 kept the warrior, added the "crusader," made the wizard a necromancer, and took out the cleric and put in the "assassin." Hexen 2 dosn't work too well on my computer, so I havent played much, but the warrior's very much the same. Hexen 2 DID include the inventory system (which was in Hexen 1), and also added a stats/ level system. Every time you "level up" you dont choose your stats, but you do get certain abilites. The assasin gets "hide in shadows" at a certain point, for example. Health and mana increases are included. 

Alright, for Hexen 3, here's what I think should be done (this is not end-all, I am very open to other ideas): Have 6 classes, each (again) styling to differnet ways of playing: The bezerker (all melee, has spiked gauntlets) The crusader (Magic-embuned attacks, has holy sword), The wizard (all ranged, has sapphire rod from Hexen 1), The Necromancer (lots of damage over time attacks, has a scythe), The assasin (fast and deadly, has combonation claws/ arm blades), and the Cleric (lots of muliple-ememy damaging attacks, has a mace). Another thing: take out weapon switching. Include only the 1 weapon listed for each character, but have different key combonations do different things. Hitting back and secondary attack (heavy attack) for the bezerker would make him do a wind-up attack. The same combo would make the wizard prepare the fireball spell. You gain differnet combonations (attacks) from reaching certain stats. Other things like pulling yourself up from a ledge would require certain dexterity and Strength that characters like assasin would find easy doing, but the Wizard would have to get to that amount of stats over time. And stats would be a hybrid version of Hexen 2. You don't choose what you level up in, but what stats go up depend on what kind of playing style you take between levels: if you do alot of running and jumping, you would get more dexterity, but if you take alot of damage, you would gain more vitality, and so on. But here's a chatch: When you first start, you dont know any combonations for given attacks, or what ammounts of stat points they require, UNTILL you have come across it, and have the required stats. The game would record what combonations you have discovered, and tells you when you have found a new combo. Another interesting twist: your weapon changes with your style of play. For example, if you like to focus on one ememy at a time, and like to do lots of heavy-hitting attacks, your spiked gauntlets will slowly start turning into something like trench spikes. But if you like to do lots of lighter attacks, and always are switching between enemies, the spikes will start turning into blades. The weapons will always retain their other fuctionalities, but, say, you go the trench-spike route, your wind-up heavy attacks will do LOTS more damage, and even instant fatalities if you can get someone in the head. 

Alright, I think i've spoken my peace. Sorry to go ON AND ON, but I HAD to put this down somewhere. (I should have used a cut, I know) Put any ideas/thoughs/comments down PLEASE! I always like other's imput. This has been Xan, your game-loving white tiger, and DASSA END!

Sitting and Thinking
 So I've been doing absoluetly nothing all day. My Mum is at the hospital ( she got a kidney stone, but she's fine now) and my dad is off at work. It's windy, and wet outside, and I've been playing games I've already beaten in addition to uploading some vids to youtube. It's my first full day of summer vacation, and i've done nothing. I've managed to not snack all day, much to my surprise.  The thing is.. I feel kinda empty. I've done nothing significant with an entire day. I don't like it. I'm GLAD that I dont have to think about school, but I wish I had something else I enjoyed to occupy my time. Where I live, I have NO social life, because there is NOBODY around me. D: (sigh) Maybe I'll just work on my script I've been writing... or do my art editing. What do you guys do when you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do and nowhere to go? Well, at least i'm furry.
Can't go wrong with being furry :D

At least drama camp is staring up soon enough, and my cousin (from texas!) is coming over to do that with me. That reminds me...
I need to go post something on Maryland furs. I'll catch you all later!
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Desk art/ My recent antics
If you guys remember when I mentioned I used to draw desk art, I took pictures of It! (sorry Rencat, I couldn't figure out how to put picts in a reply comment, so I'm putting them here.) It's not very good, but I used to draw HORRIBLY, so I'm pround of myslef x)

Unfortuneatly, I forgot to take picts of me going all out furry, but it was nothing too special, and I didnt get many weird looks from people. I had "AC '09" in duct tape letters on the back of my shirt, "life is furry" on my wrist, "Pround to be a furfag" on my arm, and "Yiff me!" on my forhead XD I did make some of my friends laugh with the "yiff me" part, and one teacher asked what my shirt meant. All in all, less shock but I guess that was ok. Next time I'll make sure to have ears and a tail with me XD

Lastly, I am MOST LIKELY going to AC this year!!!! My mum has no peticular problem with it so far, but I only have 1 friend who can go, but thats better that none! It's most likely going to be a 1-day visit for me, driving back when that day is over. I live close enough to the Pitt that I can be driven/ take the AMTRAC there and back. Hope to see some of you there!

Last day of Skool tomorrow!
 So I wondered: what could I do to make the last day of school memorable for me? And then I figured it out. I'm going to go all-out furry on the people at school! I don't have ears, a tail, or anything like that, but I DO have a sharpie, lots of tape and no self respect. XD I'm planning to duct tape "AC '09" across the back of my shirt, put muliple pen-tattos of paws on my hands, and best of all: "Proud 2 B A furfag" taped down both arms. I'm crazy, I know, but I have to do SOMEthing, and this is how I express myself. Through making a fool of myself. X)

So I was taking a nap this last friday after I got home from school, and I had the most wonderful dream ever.

In the dream I was my fursona (an anthropomophic white tiger) while everyone else was human. For some reason, my friend Joey was playing on my computer, so I went to the balcony overlooking the front door.  Some of my classmates were downstairs a couple teachers were talking to them (I know, this makes very little sense). Apperently, my classmates were to be temporarily turned into furries, and were told to go upstairs to literaly yiff (except the teaches used a bit stronger language). I hurried to my room to change, but a gorgous vixen that looked suspicously like a girl I knew came in while I was in half dressed. Needless to say, we stared kissing and went to my bed. The dream ended there, but at least I got to be furry! I'm going to start a journal keeping track of dreams I have. I'll give you guys and furry-related ones I have. ^-^
On a side note, I stared drawing pictures of furries on the desks I sit at school when I am bored. Someone actualy wrote "yiff in hell furfag" next to one of my drawings. I was going to draw another character saying something about how stupid that is, but I decided to not feed the trolls. It's ironic, I can't find any furries at school, but there apperently are furry haters. Ahhh, well. They're just making idiots of themsleves.

See you later furfriends!
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 That's right mutha truckas! Only 1 day left and then I will be in SUMMER VACATION!!!! Anthrocon is coming up, my cousin (from Texas XP) is coming over to attend the 2-week theater camp I go to, I actualy have a way of getting some cash, and I will be HOME FREE!!!!!

Well, I still have to study for ONE MORE final, but I have 3 days to do it, so no big pressure.

But other that that... WEEEEEEEE! :D

And I prosimse I will put more down on my LJ blog, I just havn't had the time lately :P 

P.S, on a side note how do I get me some of those specialized mood icons? 

So much cool stuff!!! Do want!!!
As my friends might know, im following some furry communities (like Maryland Furs) that have people with things like conbadges to sell for the upcomeing ANTHROCON!!! XD I'm starting to get jelous that I can't get any of these things (I don't have a way of paying, and I'm sure as heck not going to ask my parents) *sighs* Well, That means I'm going to have to get my conbadge at AC, as well as a whole buncha other shwag. I have alot saved moolah, and I haven't found something meaningful to spend it on, untill now XD I plan to spend one entire day at AC (only $25 to do that!), and come home afterward. I live in the DC area, so I'd just be waking up early and going to bed late. 

To those of you who've been to cons before, how much money do you recommed to bring? I'm thinking around $200 of spending money, maybe more. So if you guys know anything, it'd be a big help!

P.S. sorry I haven't posting much lately, I've been going through some ruff stuff at school.

P.S.S I'm going to pimp a couple of really cool websites I've found recently, Enjoy!
(Awsome webcomic about the whole Heaven/Hell thing. It's got gory violence, not too much sex, and occasional cursing)

(Stories about the taur race called Chakats. It's got lots of sex senes, but the story is amazing)


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